Benefits of Testing Water Used for Your Rural Farm Activities

Water is an integral input in all agricultural activities. In rural farms, many people rely on underground water sources such as bores and wells to get the water they need for irrigation, livestock watering or even drinking water. Water testing labs perform the task of testing water quality to ensure that it is suitable for the intended use. 

There are lots of reasons why you should have the underground water that you plan to use in your farm tested on a regular basis. Here are just but a few essential ones you should be aware of.

Ensure water is safe and clean

One of the major benefits of testing water quality is that you will be able to detect existing water safety issues before they can exacerbate and lead to graver problems. Underground water that looks clean and safe to drink may contain bacteria and parasites that can only be seen with the aid of microscopic equipment. The presence of hazardous chemical substances can also render your water unsafe. Chemical contamination can occur when fertilisers and pesticides used on soil find their way into underground water reservoirs after prolonged periods of heavy rain. Microbes and chemicals can trigger infections in humans and livestock if not detected early. Regular water testing will help detect water problems and make sure the water is treated properly.

Ensure correct water pH is maintained

Water testing allows rural farm managers to have a basic understanding of water chemistry. In order for water to be considered suitable for irrigation, human and animal consumption or any other domestic chores, you should know about its pH, which indicates the extent to which your water is alkaline or acidic. Armed with information about your water pH level, you can make better decisions concerning your farm. If, for example, you have a fish pond in your rural farm, water pH will affect aquatic life. The fish in your pond may have adapted to living and breeding in water of a certain pH and may not survive if it is altered. After testing the pH level of your water, a water testing lab technician can recommend an appropriate additive to help maintain water pH at the desired level.

By having your underground water tested by a qualified technician at local water testing labs on a frequent basis, you can be rest assured that the water that you use for your agricultural activities will be safe, clean and of the right pH level.

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