Why Many Rural Farm Owners Favour Poly Water Tanks Over Steel Water Tanks

If you are contemplating purchasing a rainwater tank for your rural farm water storage, you need to be aware that not all tanks are made the same, and each tank has a unique set of advantages. For a long time, steel tanks have been the standard choice for many rural farmers, but with the introduction of polyethylene (poly) tanks in the market, more and more rural-based farmers are now going the plastics way. 

Here are some good reasons why a lot of farmers favour poly water storage tanks over their steel counterparts.

Poly tanks are rust-proof and corrosion-free

Corrosion and rust are the worst enemy of traditional steel tanks. Though steel tank manufacturers usually apply protective coats onto the surface of the substrate, continuous exposure to water and oxygen eventually causes the metal to corrode and become rusty. Subsequently, this can lead to formation of holes in the water tank, resulting in the need for costly leak repairs. 

With poly water tanks, rust and corrosion are not a problem. Unlike steel or other metals, plastics are unaffected by exposure to water and oxygen. Therefore, a poly rainwater tank will remain virtually indestructible by these elements throughout its lifespan. This makes poly tanks a more durable choice.

Poly tanks are more cost efficient

Despite having a longer lifespan, poly water tanks are generally cheaper when compared to steel water tanks — even the premium-quality products are still relatively less expensive than similar-sized steel tanks. It is one of those rare situations where you pay less but get more service life.

Poly tanks are easier to set in place

Compared to steel tanks, poly water tanks are much lighter, hence easier to handle during installation. When it is time to move your tank to a different location later on, you'll find out that a poly tank is much easier to remove and re-locate.

Poly tanks come in more aesthetic selections

Thanks to improvements in plastic technology, poly tanks come in a wide range of colours and shapes than those offered by steel tank fabricators. This means you can easily find a product that will look good on your property.

There is no denying that steel water storage tanks still have a place in today's rural agriculture, but given the remarkable upsides that poly tanks offer, many rural farm owners are finding the latter to be a better option. From the above discussion, it is easy to see why.

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